Kids These Days want to be super heroes

My son is obsessed with Batman. You’re probably thinking how cute that is, but he is 22 years old. Still think it’s cute?

As a little boy, C wore Batman costumes and ran around saving everything he thought was in peril. Just like the old TV series, every air punch and side kick came with loud sound effects. Bam! Pow! Snap, Crackle and Pop! Until his little sister was born, I was subjected to playing his faithful sidekick Robin. I took the brunt of the beatings because Robin, of course, wasn’t as strong as Batman. Every Halloween there was no question as to his costume choice. That is, until Pokémon came out. Then he traded his Batman costume for a bright, orange Charizard outfit. That lasted a year or two, then he’d want to be Batman again until it was no longer cool to dress up.

Throughout the years, his Batman obsession became a joke in the family. We were subjected to watching every movie and debated as to who the best Batman was. Everyone disagreed with my pick for George Clooney. He really did suck in that version, but he was the cutest. When C went away to college, we sent him Batman underwear and mugs in care packages as jokes. Now that he’s getting ready to move to NYC (Gotham City) and start his career, I think the Batman obsession has almost come to an end, or has it?

Send out the Bat-Signal

At Kids These Days, we are blessed to have a few Super Heroes in our lives. Our families have put up with our long hours, missed dinners and numerous complaints. They continue to be our biggest cheerleaders and always have encouraging things to say. The Bat-Signal isn’t out for long before we are rescued.

I’m leaving you with a Mommalie that I’ll say to my son when he leaves us to follow his career. It may sound corny at first, but it has special meaning to us.

“Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.”


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