Kids These Days Stay Up Way Too Late

Since the school year is in full swing for my 15 year old daughter, it’s back to the late, late nights “supposedly” doing homework. I remember my son staying up until 2am writing history papers and thinking I was so proud of him for being responsible and working hard. I’m not sure that was really what was going on! With the second child, I got smarter. I realized that the texting, phone calls, Netflix shows and You Tube videos took precedence and homework happened when the Kardashians were off the air. It’s difficult to monitor what they are doing in their rooms with the door closed and before you start thinking I have no control over my kids, let’s set the record straight.

I have raised my children to be good, honest young adults. They have been taught right from wrong, good from evil and not to take candy, drinks or rides from strangers. However, you’re all delusional if you think you know everything your child does. Just think back to when you were young and all the little things you used to get away with. It’s normal for our kids not to share it all with us. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that their upbringings are strong enough to help them make the right choices most of the time.

Making Kids These Days a success keeps us up late at night

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to turn off our brains. I keep a pad of paper and pencil next to my bed because there are numerous times I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. It’s unrealistic that I’ll remember what I was thinking in the morning, so I sit up, use the light on my phone so I can see the paper and jot down my ideas. The funniest thing is when I wake up in the morning and try to read what I wrote. A lot of times it looks like gibberish and the ideas are lost forever, but other times it was worth getting out from under the covers. Kids These Days swimwear designs are inspired by nature and some of my recurring dreams have to do with me out in the middle of the ocean snorkeling over beautiful reefs. If you see one of our designs with Ryan Reynolds on it, you’ll know he’s usually out there swimming with me!

The other night, I popped into my daughter’s room (after knocking 2 times as instructed on her door) and she threw this Mommalie out to me. I must say, she was correct!

“Isn’t it past your bedtime?”


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