Kids These Days should make realistic resolutions

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

I’m not sure exactly why I expect my kids to make resolutions every year. I never keep mine and since they both came from me, what was I thinking?

We all start out with high hopes of spending less money, losing a few pounds and organizing the thousands of old photos sitting in a box. This year, I’ve decided that there are a few highly attainable resolutions that I will aim for. The jury is out as to which one I will break first, but since I deleted “losing a few pounds”, I might actually achieve them!

  1. Be kinder (Self-explanatory!)

  2. Stop buying outfits specific for events (I need to buy clothes when I see them, not impulse buy for a last-minute event. I inevitably wear an outfit once and then it sits in my closet because I bought it out of desperation and really didn’t love it.)

  3. Open my ears before I open my mouth (Get the entire story before erupting.)

  4. Save money (I try this one every year under the resolution of “spending less” and it doesn’t work, so now I have rephrased this. Let’s hope this will trick my brain!)

Businesses need to make realistic resolutions as well

Of course, we would like to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge wearing our Kids These Days swimsuits, but let’s be real. Chances are they receive thousands of products from small businesses like ours clamoring for their attention… not to mention perfect product placement when the paparazzi strike.

Here’s a few of KTDSwim resolutions we hope to achieve.

  1. Innovate more, worry less (Trust that we will find a way to produce something we haven’t tried before.)

  2. Negotiate more (Don’t feel badly about asking for what we want. We’ll never get it if we don’t ask.)

  3. Open our ears before we open our mouths (Same reason as mentioned above in #3.)

  4. Reach a wider audience (We’ve already taken a step forward on this by now offering swimwear for boys!)

Happy 2018 to Kids These Days families out there. Let’s all make a conscious effort to resolve to things that are attainable. However, considering the history of keeping my resolutions, enjoy my own personalized Mommalie.

“May all your troubles last as long as my New Year’s resolutions.”

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