Kids These Days Should Look But Not Touch

Even though it was a gazillion years ago, I can still hear my sisters screaming at me to stop touching them. I was the youngest, therefore, it was my job to irritate the hell out of them. “Get your little grimy hands off me.” “I don’t want to get your cooties all over me.” “You’re sitting too close to me in the car.” Sound familiar? My mother would tell me to keep my hands to myself but it went in one ear and out the other.

We used to take long driving trips from Florida to NY to visit relatives every summer. Remember there were no cell phones, auto video screens or iPads to use, so we had to amuse ourselves in other ways. My oldest sister liked to read and didn’t get car sick, so with a good book she was content for days. My middle sister was 7 years older than me and the games I wanted to play were never grown up enough for her, so what was left to do but fight? I would sit in the middle and take turns poking both of them. By the time we got to NY, I was black and blue. These experiences oddly had a positive effect on me because those are now my 2 favorite colors.

Samantha tells a very funny story about a time she and her brother were fighting. He ran screaming to their mom that Sam had been hitting him. “I told you we don’t use our hands to hit,” her mom stated emphatically. “But mom, I didn’t use my hands. I hit him with the phone.”

We moms need to choose our words more carefully!

Feeling is believing

When choosing fabrics to make our swimwear, we wanted to make sure they were soft and comfortable for the kids to wear. There’s nothing worse than itchy fabrics and stiff tags against their skin. We print care/content instructions directly onto the fabric to eliminate the whining that accompanies irritating tags. We’re happy to say that one of the first comments we ever hear from our young customers is how soft the suits are. No poking going on here!

The next time your kids get to “handsy,” you can scream out this Mommalie, but from experience, it probably won’t work!

“Keep your hands to yourself!”


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