Kids These Days prefer instant gratification

Many studies have been done on this subject. The most memorable was the Marshmallow test. Children were told they could have one marshmallow now, but if they waited 15 minutes they could have two. Results showed that most of the kids delayed in eating the marshmallow in order to get two. Obviously, MY kids weren’t included in the study.

Not only would both of my kids have eaten the marshmallow before the conductor left the room, but they would have convinced the other kids to join them in pursuit of the bag of hidden marshmallows.

I know where this impatience comes from; hint, hint, it aint me! My husband is the worst when it comes to waiting. The only time that has worked in our favor is at Universal Studios Orlando where he insists we buy Fast Passes to skip the lines.

My son inherited this trait when it comes to food. If he doesn’t eat on schedule, he gets hangry. No, this is not a typo. HANGRY is a real word. If you look it up, there’s a photo of my son. Don’t even attempt to speak to him until he has food in his stomach; it won’t end well. My daughter is a mess when it comes to waiting. To quote #someecards, I wish I was as thin as her patience.

As a result of all this impatience, I look like a saint. And trust me, I’m not.

At Kids These Days, Our Patience Has Been Tested Also

While we know things take time, we’re anxious to have every household know about us. We can’t wait for the day that children all over the country are wearing our swimsuits. How awesome would it be for someone famous to snap a shot of their child in one of our designs? We may want it NOW, but know that in time, it will happen.

The next time your kid is whining that they want something immediately, recite this Mommalie very slowly.

“Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”


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