Kids These Days need to listen to their Mommas

I am convinced my Mother was an angel in disguise. How she put up with me, I will never understand. I was the youngest of three girls and the most difficult by far. My sisters were, and still are, perfect.

My Mom, sweet and gentle, loved to impart her words of wisdom. At the time, I’m sure I rolled my eyes and completely ignored her advice, similar to my kids when I attempt to tell them what to do. I now realize much of what my Mom said did permeate through my thick skull. Osmosis at its best, I suppose.  I learned so much about compassion, patience and generosity from my Mother. My dad was supposed to be the disciplinarian, but my sisters and I knew he was our comic relief. Just like my husband is now. I’m the bad guy, imposing rules and restrictions, and he comes home to save the day!

You may notice I capitalize the M whenever I say Mom or Mother in this blog. On Mother’s Day, I think we all deserve the respect that a capital letter demands!

Kids These Days don’t listen to their mommas. Whenever I want my college son to remember to do something or follow up with someone, I remind his girlfriend. I could tell him twenty times to please get a flu shot and he forgets. His girlfriend says, “Hey, let’s go get a flu shot” and he says, “Great idea!” Ugh, I’ve been replaced. I knew the day was coming but still, ugh!

Hello, does anyone hear me?

Back to my Mom. She was very old-fashioned and dressed us girls appropriately while she still had a say. Growing up, our swimwear covered us in all the right places. A desire for age-appropriate children’s swimwear is one of the main reasons we created Kids These Days. I wish my Mom was still here to thank her for instilling some morality in me. In turn, I hope some of that has rubbed off on my daughter. She is so much more mature than I was at 14, but still values my opinion. I think. When she complains that I’m tough on her, I pull out this Mommalie, and she knows relief is coming.

“Wait until your father gets home.”


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