Kids These Days Need A Break From Their Parents

Some people will say that parents send their kids away to summer camp so they can have adult time. Kids will say they can’t wait to go to summer camp so they can have kid time. I see both sides, but honestly, summer camp is really so much more than a break from each other. It does so much for a child’s self-esteem. It teaches them independence, responsibility, socialization and in many cases, reinforces how lucky they are. Being from Florida, the biggest shock for my kids was no air conditioning in the cabins. They may have come home dirty and sweaty, but they came with a whole new outlook on life. They liked the responsibility of getting to their activities on time, picking out what foods they wanted to eat and getting along with kids they might not be inclined to hang out with. It opens their eyes and their minds. They are free to be themselves with a clean slate!

My daughter just got back from a Turtle Conservation program in Costa Rica. There was no hot water, mosquitos the size of dogs, alligators and humidity out the wazoo. She loved it! This is the second year she has been on a trip like this. Last year she was in the Dominican Republic planting coral, working in mangroves and having a blast doing it. She has gone on these trips not knowing anyone and I believe that going to summer camps when she was little prepared her for these trips as a teenager. She had to make friends on the spot, adjust to different cultures and food and make her way through strange airports by herself. Was I a nervous wreck every time she left? Of course, but I knew she was prepared even if she didn’t think she was. The confidence she gains each time she leaves makes me confident she will succeed in college. Chances are she won’t know anyone there either, but she will make friends on the spot, adjust to a different city and food and make her way through strange airports by herself!

Kids These Days is ready for their big break

We will be exhibiting at the Children’s Club show in NYC this weekend and we are psyched! We are ready to continue being discovered by large retailers! We have worked tirelessly to come up with an exciting new collection based on doing what we do best and listening to customer feedback and requests. Along with our existing options for boys and girls to match, we are now introducing “Mommy and Me” and “Daddy and Me” styles.

We like who we are, continue to remain true to our brand and love to showcase Kids These Days product at large buying events such as this one in NY! Like summer camp, we are diving in and ready to make new friends.

The Mommalie for today is actually a quote from Oscar Wilde. He may have said it once, but we Moms say it every day!

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde


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