Kids These Days Love to Interrupt our Phone Calls

I can be home for an entire day and the phone won’t ring. My daughter can be home with me the entire day and not say a word to me. However, let the phone ring and all of a sudden she has a million things to say to me. As soon as I utter the word hello, my daughter decides she has questions to ask, friends to discuss and asks why there’s no food in the fridge.

My niece and business partner, Samantha, complains that every time she calls me I put her on hold. When I finally get to the call, I spend half of my time telling my daughter to be quiet so I can please carry on a conversation. After I hang up, free to finally listen, she clams up. I think this a universally genetic trait that every child has. Kids all over the world are waiting for their parents to get on the phone to ask them the meaning of life.

Can I please put you on hold?

At Kids These Days, we’ve been on hold many times. Waiting for our name to be trademarked, waiting for our first fit samples to come in, waiting for the website to be completed so we could get our brand out there. Building a business designing children’s swimwear takes a long time and it feels as if most of the time, we’ve been on hold waiting for something. Now that we’re up and running online, the wholesale market is next. No putting us on hold now!

Instead of leaving you with a Mommalie, here’s a funny quote I found on the internet. Remember this next time you wish your kids were quiet when you take a phone call.

Silence is golden, unless you have kids. Then silence is suspicious.


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