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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

If anything deserves a holiday to celebrate its existence, it’s Nutella. The yummy hazelnut spread is over 70 years old, but young and old alike are obsessed. We’re convinced that there isn’t anything that a spoonful of Nutella can’t fix.

PROBLEM • SOLUTION • OUTCOME Scraped knee • spoonful of Nutella • All better Bad grade on test • spoonful of Nutella • There’s always next time Missed the train • Nutella & Go • Late for work but don’t care Boyfriend troubles • Jar of Nutella • What boyfriend?

On World Nutella Day, let’s recognize that no matter how crazy things get, we can rely on a kitchen staple to get us through. Samantha has an entire cabinet shelf devoted to Nutella. I feel that way about peanut butter, but only the crunchy kind. I guess nuts run in the family.

What Does Nutella Have to do with Swimwear?

Not much unless you can’t fit into your swimwear anymore because of your Nutella obsession. When we set up photo shoots, we try to have a supply of those cute little Nutella & Go packets around. It seems that the kids will smile just a little longer when they know what’s waiting for them when they’re done. I guess you could say at Kids These Days, we’re obsessed with making kids and parents happy, just like Nutella. The difference between our kids’ swimwear and Nutella is that we are fat free, our suits will last longer than a jar in your house and no spoons are necessary.

We’re not sure this can be considered a Mommalie, but Ellen DeGeneres said it best.

“You cannot make everybody happy. You’re not a jar of Nutella.”


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