Kids These Days keep us awake at night

A long time ago, I recall my mom telling me that once I had kids, I would never get a good night’s sleep again. At the time, I probably laughed and said something stupid like “You mean you still worry about me? I’m a college graduate!”

My older sister, who has four daughters, told me she hasn’t slept through the night since her first was born. That was 40 something years ago! She said she worries about her kids all the time and when she’s done worrying about them, she moves on to her grandchildren. Seems to me she’s spent most of her life worrying about everyone but herself.

Now that I’ve been a mom for 22 years, I finally understand what they were talking about. I wish I could call my mom up and tell her what an idiot I was. She knows because I’m sure she’s looking down on me and smiling! When my kids were little, I’d worry about how fragile they were. When they were toddlers, I worried about them toddling into trouble. As teens and young adults, I worry about sex, drugs and driving. I’m surprised I sleep at all.

Part of me worries about the unknown and all the crazy sh*t that’s happening in the world; however, I try to tell myself that my husband and I have done a good job raising our children and that they are ready for whatever gets thrown their way. Even though they may slip up occasionally and make mistakes, they’ll survive just as we did. To be honest, I really like my kids and their imperfections. After all, they did come from my husband and me, with all of our (mostly his) imperfections!

Worrying Will Never Change the Outcome

Running a business has its way of keeping me up at night. Kids These Days is like my 5th child (I count my husband and dog as children also!). Samantha and I take this very seriously. We have so much to worry about, but know we have a terrific product. We wish for our children’s swimwear to become synonymous with quality, originality and fun. We are still in the infant stages of our brand. We look forward to the toddler, teen and beyond years to come. Will the worrying every stop? Probably not, but this Mommalie seems to say it all.

“When you have kids of your own, you’ll understand.”


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