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This past Mother’s Day weekend was very special for me. I didn’t go to brunch or to a lavish dinner. I didn’t want any presents or flowers. My gift was better than any I’ve ever received in the past. My son graduated from college. One minute I’m cha

nging his diaper and the next minute he’s changing his address. I was tempted to cry a few times; not because I was sad, but because I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride, happiness and accomplishment. I imagine my son was feeling these same emotions plus a bit of apprehension about the unknown. The real world awaits.

When did this happen? Parents blink and their kids are grown, moving up and out. There’s an old saying that parents should give their children two gifts; roots and wings. Watching him in his cap and gown, his wings were spread and poised for take-off.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do                                            

The commencement speaker was engaging, comical and extremely relevant. He gave the graduates five pieces of advice, but one really resonated with me. “It’s hard to live up to your potential if you don’t like what you do”. Samantha and I love what we do. We get to design and produce children’s swimwear that puts smiles on the faces of those who wear them. There is joy in picking out the photographic images that adorn our swimsuits. We cheer every time the first suit comes off the sewing table. Kids These Days was built from a love of kids, design and fun.

I pray that my son loves what he does and that he finds joy in every step. He may change jobs a few times before he finds the perfect one, but that’s all part of the process. It happened right before my eyes and he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He’s all grown up but he’ll never be too big for me to recite this Mommalie.

“You’ll always be my baby.”


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