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Now that school has begun, I’ve come to the realization that most of my summer was spent cooking, preparing or ordering food. What is it about summer that brings out the voracious appetites of my children and their friends? My daughter who normally hates breakfast during the school year, was STARVING every morning (or should I say afternoon when she woke up). While eating breakfast, she was already talking about lunch and while eating lunch, we were discussing what we were making for dinner. When her friends came over, we ordered pizza, then sushi, then made ice cream runs. Do their parents not feed them or are they just like my kids? Interminable eating machines.

One summer vacation when my sister and I drove our kids up north, we had packed more snacks than luggage because Samantha would eat non-stop from the minute we left until the minute we arrived at our destination. We packed bags of blueberries, grapes and cut up strawberries trying to do the right thing, but by mid-morning when all the fruit was gone, we found ourselves stopping at the turnpike plazas to get chips, cookies and candy. Nothing ruins good intentions like a bunch of “hangry” kids.

In the summer, our food bills skyrocket at the same rate as the power bill. Living in South Florida, you can only imagine how high that is!

Where do Kids These Days put all that food?

As we’ve mentioned before, when we’re photographing kids, we always have plenty of snacks available. It’s amazing to see that the smallest kids cram the most food in their mouths at one time. I once saw a 5 year old shove an entire slice of watermelon in her mouth so that the rind was her smile. It would have made for a great photo except I was so panicked she would choke, I threw down my camera and grabbed it out of her mouth. I didn’t get a funny picture, but I got a camera full of sand.

We’re lucky that living in South Florida, it’s swimming weather almost all year long. Pool parties and barbecues will be continuing for a while, so remember this Mommalie while you’re kids are eating outside by the pool!

“Wait at least an hour after eating before you go swimming”

That is if you can get them to ever stop!


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