Kids These Days Are Used To Getting What Their PARENTS Want

My head is still reeling from the recent college admissions scandal. Cheating the system is nothing new, but this was shocking. I’ve heard of people donating buildings to prestigious universities in order for their children to gain entrance. I’ve seen parents have their children join the crew team in high school so they could use it to their advantage in gaining access to an Ivy. Once admitted, they row for a year and then drop out of the sport. I’ve even heard of a mom who hired a professional to write all of her kid’s essays, but paying $500K to get your kid into USC when it’s clear the child has no interest in school at all is unbelievable. Let’s face it, for those of us who have gone through the college application process with our kids, this act is frustrating and ulcer inducing.

Having been through the process once and getting ready to do it again, I have come to the conclusion that it’s all a crap shoot. A student can have all the qualifications that the university says it wants and still not get in. Mostly, I believe it’s because there are just so many applicants and not enough spots, however, when we find out that people are cheating the system in order for their child to take the spot of a deserving one, I want to scream.

Kids These Days is giving parents exactly what they want

Of course giving parents what they want can also be very positive. At Kids These Days, we listen to our customers. We recently had an informal focus group to ask Moms what they currently like about our line and how they felt about where we are going in the future. We got excellent feedback and are so thankful that they shared the positive along with the constructive. We listened to what they wanted to see more of. Then we asked their kids and heard so many wonderful ideas about their favorite animals and colors. They loved that we actually asked them their opinions and listened carefully to what they had to say. These conversations definitely had a significant impact on our assortment!

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children but sometimes we have to let them make their own decisions and face their own consequences. We are there to give them guidance, but the ultimate goal is that they can fly on their own when they’re ready to jump from the nest.

While this would make a great Mommalie to tell kids as they head off to college, we as parents should heed the same advice.

“Always let your conscience be your guide.” Jiminy Cricket


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