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When I was in kindergarten, my mom got a phone call from my teacher asking her to come into school. My mom couldn’t imagine what I had done. I was an angel! (If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that’s NOT true.)

I had given my teacher a gift because I loved her so much. What alarmed the teacher was that the gift was a beautiful diamond necklace and she was afraid it had been a mistake. My mom immediately recognized it as an anniversary gift my dad had given her many years ago. Apparently I had gone into my mother’s jewelry box, taken the necklace, wrapped it up and given it to my teacher. My mom was not pleased. Did I invent re-gifting a little too soon?

If you know my husband, you are aware of his prankster tendencies. Although he appears to be an adult, he is my third child. His mother warned me, but I didn’t listen. When he was around five, his parents were taking care of their neighbor’s home while they were away for the summer. Hubby decides he would do something nice for their neighbors and stuffed a hose into the mail slot of the front door. He turned on the water full force and flooded the entire house. Mayhem ensued and you can only imagine what his 2-star Marine General dad did to him. “But Dad, I thought we should wash their carpets for them while they were away.” Nice idea, bad execution.

You Don’t Learn Anything by Doing Everything Right

What good is a good idea if it’s not executed well? You can’t imagine how many samples we went through to find the perfect fits for our suits. Kids come in all shapes and sizes. Kids These Days swimsuits are age appropriate, covering what needs to be covered. Our whimsical designs, inspired by nature, appeal to kids of all ages. We put a lot of time and thought into each and every design. Our baby style, Slippery When Wet, has a wide neck to get over little heads easily. We stayed clear of buttons and clasps that could potentially cause harm. You name it, we’ve thought about it. Good ideas, great executions.

Next time one of your thoughtful kids decides to brush the dog’s teeth with YOUR toothbrush, whip out this Mommalie.

“Sit here and think about what you’ve done.”


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