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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have TVs in our rooms. I used to think I had the meanest parents in the world because ALL of my friends had them. Our parents felt that if we had TVs in our rooms, we would stay in there and never come out, except for meals. (They were probably right.) “Off to your room” really was a punishment.

Our kids don’t have TVs in their rooms, however, it’s not as tortuous as it used to be. All they have to do is turn on their computers to watch something. “Are you doing homework?” “Of course, I’m looking stuff up on my computer.” (Yea, right. Looking up Riverdale’s latest episode.) There are so many other things distracting them like iPhones, iPods and Alexa, that “go to your room” is no longer a punishment. Experts say that children should turn off all electronics one hour before attempting to go to sleep. Do these experts have kids of their own? Nowadays, my kids have so much homework they’re up way later than I am. No matter how hard I try to stay awake to make sure they get to bed at a decent time, I fail and fall asleep on the couch. Forget setting a good example for them. I usually fall asleep on the couch with the TV on!

We need more time to unplug

Do you know those music channels that play nothing but nature sounds? Wind blowing through the trees, waves crashing on the beach and birds chirping are all supposed to help us unwind. At Kids These Days, our favorite times are during the summer when we take a bunch of kids to the pool or beach and let them loose for a photo shoot. There are no phones, no music, no technology (except for a camera) and no artificial lighting. The kids are unplugged and that’s when the beauty happens. They pretend to be the fish on the suits they’re wearing and make up their own stories. They giggle out loud when they get sand in their pants. They scream in delight when they get knocked over by a wave. Those are the sounds of summer and we will miss those carefree days. School is back in session and the technology has once again reared its ugly head. At least we still have weekends!

If you’re like me and you don’t allow your kids to have TVs in their rooms, you still might want to check up on them occasionally. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this Mommalie!

“Don’t make me come in there.”


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