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Let’s talk about diapers. When I was little I wore cloth diapers, held on by a giant safety pin, with rubber pants on top. By the time my mom put a bathing suit over that to head to the beach, my butt was probably ten times bigger than my head. Add a good amount of pee, poop and salt water and I’d be surprised if I was even able to walk.

Kids These Days are lucky enough to wear disposable swim diapers. They are one of the best inventions EVER. It’s no fun to be kicked out of a public pool because someone’s kid isn’t wearing a swim diaper and has an accident. That happened while we were in the Bahamas one year and they had to drain an entire lagoon because one kid pooped in the pool. Environmentalists may differ with me, but I think swim diapers are awesome.

One of the main reasons we designed our baby bathing suits as a one piece or full coverage bottom was to cover the swim diapers. Have you ever seen a bikini bottom on TOP of a swim diaper? Not too cute. Sandy cheeks, on the other hand, are totally adorable.

Speaking of butts…

We’ve seen a lot of butts lately. Before we launched our brand, we tried our bathing suits on girls of all ages, shapes and sizes to get the right fit. One of my favorite memories was one little 2-year old that ripped off her swimsuit when we were done and ran butt naked onto the steps of her pool. She then stood there and peed longer than Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own. Are you thinking what I am? Where in the hell was the swim diaper?

In keeping with leaving you a Mommalie at the end of every blog, here’s a good one that always makes me smile.

“You don’t swim in the toilet, so don’t pee in the pool.”


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