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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres ends every show with 5 simple words. “Be kind to one another.”

It’s not that hard to do. Open a door for someone whose hands are full. Smile at someone who looks like they’re having a rough day. Be patient with the mom trying to calm her screaming baby in front of you at the checkout. Thank someone for doing their job, no matter what it is they do.

That leads to me a story about something Samantha and I experienced a couple of weeks ago. We were exhibiting in a show in which every day, we had the same janitor come by to pick up any garbage we had in our trash can. Every day, we smiled at him and said “muchas gracias.” We chatted in our broken Spanish and he in his broken English and we laughed at our mispronunciations. The show lasted 4 days and we noticed him lingering a bit longer every day just to chat. On the last day of the show, he told us that in an event with thousands of people, we were the only 2 who spoke to him. He said people would not even look him in the face or take the time to say thank you because his job wasn’t important. He thanked us, wished us well with our business and told us that God would smile on us.

Even though we had a successful show, that was the highlight.

Kids These Days Can Do Better

Let’s raise kids who are kind and understand the importance of saying thank you. We need to realize that a small, kind gesture may seem insignificant to us, but may not be to someone else. Smile more, frown less. We can all do better.

I’m not sure this is a true Mommalie, but it should be!

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”


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