Kids These Days are into their selfies

Who invented the selfie? The internet tells us it might have been a drunk Australian, who back in 2002 coined the phrase when he photographed himself with a split lip, apologizing for the focus in his “selfie”? Personally, I don’t understand the obsession. The typical selfie tends to be totally unflattering. Honestly, how many times do we have to be subjected to fish faces of all the Kardashians and close ups of their butts? All this narcissism is rubbing off on our children. Give a kid a camera or iPhone and they’ll turn it on themselves and click away. My daughter takes zillions of photos of herself daily. (OK, maybe I exaggerate a little.) I’ve been told bluntly that I’m too old to be on Snapchat, so I’m not privy to all of them, but I’ve seen some of the pics of her with puppy ears, a bunny nose and a rainbow coming out of her mouth. If I had 3 wishes, none of them would involve a rainbow coming out of my mouth.

We’re More Than What Meets the i

At Kids These Days, we’ve turned the iPhone around and given ourselves a good look. We’re identifying what we’ve done wrong and all the things we’re doing right. Parents see really cute, age appropriate girls’ swimsuits that are unique and whimsical. We see the hours and hours of finding just the right images to adorn our suits. Our little customers see fun, colorful and soft bathing suits that they never want to take off. We see months and months of sourcing fabrics, testing comfort and making sure the suits cover what needs covering. When we look through the iPhone and take a selfie, we’re happy with what we see.

The next time you catch your kid taking a selfie and posing with a fish face, tell them this tried and true Mommalie.

“Your face is going to freeze like that.”


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