Kids These Days are in love with candy corn

Today is National Candy Corn Day. If you ask me, this is one worth celebrating! I may not be a kid anymore, but my love for candy corn endures. I’m so obsessed that I actually know the history of candy corn.

A Philadelphia candy maker named George Renninger invented this delicious treat back in the 1880s. At first, it was called Chicken Feed until some smart person decided kids didn’t want to eat something that chickens eat. An unopened bag will last 9 months but I can’t tell you that from experience. In my household, there is NEVER any leftover candy corn on the day after Halloween. Just like PEEPS, candy corn has expanded to other holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter with different color combos. I’m a purist, therefore, I will only eat the tricolor yellow, orange and white ones. Don’t mess with a good thing is my motto. Forget the 28 grams of sugar and 140 calories a handful, it’s FAT FREE!

Obsessions Can Be a Good Thing

Samantha and I are obsessed with making our customers happy. We are constantly pushing ourselves to come up with designs that are creative, comfortable and cute. With our motto of “Keeping kids little, just a little longer”, we strive to always think about what is age appropriate for our little customers. Our latest obsessions are designs for boys’ swimwear and rash guards. When we ask our customers what else they would like to see in our line, they ask us not to stray from our original plans. “Why would you mess with a good thing?” We couldn’t agree more!

So, when there’s a fight for the candy corn on October 31st and your kids are shoving it in faster than you can say Happy Halloween, pull out this Mommalie and then take it all for yourself!

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”


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