Kids These Days Are Giving Me Gray Hair

My hair stylist loves me. I think I visit her more often than the grocery store. The gray in my hair used to rear its ugly head every 5-6 months. Now it’s every four and if I don’t get rid of it immediately, I’m in a bad mood. Of course, I have highlights, so the at home solutions don’t work for me. I do use the spray for the roots, but usually get it all over my face when trying to cover the gray near my temples.

I know most people would blame it on the natural aging process, but I know better. I know that I’ve earned every gray hair on my head. With every sassy remark from my teenage daughter, 12 of those ugly, brittle hairs pop out. All of you with teenage girls know there is NEVER JUST ONE sassy remark, so keep multiplying each one by 12 and your head will be covered in a weekend. I wish I had a dollar for every eye roll or loud door slam. I’d be sitting on a beach in Fiji drinking piña coladas instead of writing this blog. By the way, is anyone reading these???

Kids These Days are into bright and vibrant colors, not gray

When designing children’s swimwear, our research has told us that the brighter the colors, the happier the child. We don’t alter the colors in our marine photography because nature is usually pretty close to perfect. Everything about children is so colorful that they deserve swimwear that can keep up with their vibrant personalities!

Kids eyes are immediately drawn to bright colors. Blue has consistently won the most popular @crayola color according to kids and their parents over the years. Purple, magenta, green, red and other versions of blue round out the top ten. We’d be foolish to ignore those statistics and luckily for us, nature cooperates!

If you take a close look at our logo, you will notice the third fish in line is looking back as the fourth takes off on his/her own. I tell everyone that the fish is looking back, but we all know it’s in the process of rolling his/her eyes! Art imitates life!

Our Mommalie today is one I’m sure we all say or think on a daily basis! If you get any good answers, please share them!

“What’s in the back of your head that’s so important that you have to keep rolling your eyes?”


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