Kids These Days are fearless

When I was a little girl growing up in Miami, my family used to go to Haulover Beach on the weekends. Haulover had the best waves and some great sandbars about a quarter mile off shore. My sisters and I would swim out to the sandbars and play there all day. We didn’t think twice about paddling through some pretty dark water to get out there and back. We were young, fearless and we didn’t know any better.

Then, in the summer of ’75, Jaws came out. We didn’t go in the water for years after that. How sad that our ignorance and innocence was stripped inside a movie theater.

The morning my son turned 18, he got up early and said he was going out with his friends for breakfast. A couple of hours later, he called and said, “Mom, I just wanted you to know that I jumped out of a plane and have landed safely.” WTF? He didn’t tell me ahead of time for fear I would have locked him in the house and thrown away the key. He was right. “Why on earth would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?” “Why not?” he said. “I’d better do these things now while I’m young, fearless and don’t know any better!”

Wow, history repeats itself.

Don’t Be Such a Scaredy-Cat

Before we started Kids These Days, Samantha and I talked about the tremendous responsibility this would be. We were nervous about the financial commitment, manufacturing partnerships and how we would juggle the day to day schedules. With our mission to “keep kids little, just a little longer™”, we knew it was all or nothing. In order to reach our goal of revolutionizing the children’s swimwear market, we had to jump in with both feet. Starting a small business was a scary proposition, but we figured we’d better do it while we were young, fearless and didn’t know any better!

After you’ve uttered this Mommalie, really think about the answer. You might surprise yourself!

“If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”


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