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When my kids were little, the primary school had a discipline system of placing colored cards next to each child’s name daily. Green meant they had a great day, yellow was mediocre and I think you can figure out what red meant. In kindergarten, my son stayed on green every day. The teacher would come out all smiles at pick up time and give me a big thumbs up! My little angel would run into my arms and all was well in the world!

Midway through the year, the teacher’s smile dissipated and the thumbs up took a turn for the worse. At the next parent/teacher conference, she broke the bad news to me. C started out on green in the mornings, but at lunch, all hell broke loose. Seems C discovered that if he drank his milk and shot it out of his nose, the girls would all start giggling. He became so notorious, that some of the other kindergarten teachers came in to see how he did it. I received phone calls from other moms who said when they asked their kids what the best part of their day was, they all said it was watching C shoot milk out his nose. He made them laugh and it made them happy. Too bad his teacher didn’t think the same. When we told C he would need to stop doing, he said, “That’s ok. It hurts my nose. I think they like my farting better anyway.”

It’s hard not to laugh

As responsible parents, we’re not supposed to laugh when our little kids say bad words or repeat something inappropriate. As soon as they get a reaction out of you, you’ve lost control!

At Kids These Days, we have our little models try on every sample numerous times to make sure the fit is perfect. Sometimes they stand there silently and we finish in a matter of minutes. Other times, they wiggle and squirm and talk up a storm.

You should hear the things they say! “Ooops, you’d better hold your nose because I tooted!” “Make sure you cover my booty!” “I think I ate too much because my belly is popping out.” One little girl told us, “You’d better cover me up because my daddy doesn’t want the boys looking at me, and you know how boys are!”

We don’t want them looking at you either! (Not yet at least!) That’s why our KTD swimsuits are age appropriate and cover everything that needs covering. Even those bulky swim diapers!

Next time your kids say something inappropriate and you’re ready to bust a gut laughing, tell yourself this tried and true Mommalie!

“You’d better wipe that look off your face, or else…”


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