Kids These Days are chocoholics

On National Chocolate Cupcake Day, all I can think about is what life would be like without chocolate. One of my dear friends is so crazed over chocolate that I seriously don’t think she would survive without her daily dose of it. She views chocolate in the same way that I view coffee. When I tell people I’m not a huge fan, they look at me like I’m an alien. I prefer crunchy sweets like pecan pie. The only time I truly like chocolate is when it’s oozing out of a lava cake. On Valentine’s Day, my husband knows better than to get me a box of chocolates. If he did, I would only eat the ones with nuts in the middle.

Some people say they don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. I say I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like pizza.

Habits are hard to break

Just like a daily dose of chocolate can be a tough habit to break, we find it hard not to constantly be thinking about work. We are addicted to talking about kids and swimwear. At Kids These Days, we put ourselves in their little shoes. How do they view the world around them? What gets them excited? How do we help put a smile on their faces? One benefit from our obsession is that it shows in every detail we put into our children’s swimwear. Real photographic images that bring the sea to the shore. Comfortable suits that the kids don’t ever want to take off. Wet bags that contain all the messy fun from a day at the beach or pool.

Another benefit is that, unlike chocolate, it won’t make us gain weight!

For those of you who cannot live without chocolate, we know you will relate to this Mommalie.

“Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is?”

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