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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Where do I begin? I come from a huge family. It’s like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” all the time, except we’re not Greek. We’re Lebanese and if you know anything about Middle Eastern culture, we’re all alike. Family is EVERYTHING and if you don’t like a million people knowing your business, you’re screwed. A simple, small dinner party usually begins with about 20 people. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, we always have to rent tables and chairs to accommodate the typical 75 or 80 family members that get together. More than half of that is comprised of kids under the age of 10.

Intimidating? No, unless you didn’t grow up like that. Poor hubby! One of our first dates was a dinner party my aunt was giving. He had invited me out and I told him I had a previous commitment, but he was welcome to come with me. Not having any idea how big my family was, he said yes. We walked in the front door and no less than 25 people rushed up to say hello. The hugging and kissing ensued and I took one look at his face and thought this would be the last time he ever called me! He was in culture shock. I guess it was the first time I actually thought about how a newcomer might react to such a crowd. This is the way we were raised and showing your affection every second of the day is considered normal.

Almost 30 years and two kids later, my husband got used to it. It’s seriously just like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” except we don’t use Windex on pimples and my hubby eats meat!

Our kids have no choice but to be like us

As a result of all this togetherness, our kids and their cousins are very close. I am comforted in knowing that they all have each other and will always put family first!

Samantha and I are family. Her mom is my sister and before we became business partners, I was her babysitter. It’s strange to think that this little girl who I have always adored is now a grown woman and sitting next to me at Kids These Days. We work very hard to bring the best children’s swimwear to life and, from experience, we know what kids like! All we have to do is go to a family get together and we’ll have 50 opinions! We are blessed!

One of my favorite lines from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is “There are three things that every Greek woman must do in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies and feed everyone.” In our case, substitute Lebanese for Greek. Only one of my sisters married a Lebanese boy, between us we have 8 kids, my older sister has 9 grandchildren and whenever there’s a crisis, we cook. Unless, of course, the crisis is small and this tried and true Greek/Lebanese Mommalie works.

“Put some Windex on it.”


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