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When my daughter was two years old, she met a sweet little girl in Gymboree class. M and L hit it off immediately. It was as if they were twins separated at birth and her mom and I sensed something special. As fortune had it, the girls ended up in the same Pre-K 3 class at school and an epic friendship began. M and L spent every day in class together and after school, her mom and I would take the girls for lunch and playdates. They were inseparable and I could see their future growing up and older together!

Sadly for us, L’s father got a job opportunity that would move the family to Ireland. 12 years have now passed and the world travelers have finally settled in New Jersey. L’s mom and I decided a long time ago that we would try to get the girls together at least once a year and we have managed to keep that promise for the most part.

You would think that two little girls who could barely speak when they were separated wouldn’t have much in common anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s as if they have never been apart, falling back into the same rhythm and the conversation flows non-stop for the entire time they’re together. We just spent a few days with them in the Florida Keys and the girls, who are getting ready to enter high school, are best buddies once again. They are loyal to each other and their love has withstood the test of time and distance.

Slow it Down

One thing L’s mom and I discussed this trip was how much we wished our girls were little again. We looked at old pictures and reminisced about their innocence and friendship. At Kids These Days, our motto is “keeping kids little, just a little longer.” We have seen first-hand how quickly our kids grow up and it would be nice to slow things down a bit! Age appropriate swimwear and fun, whimsical designs are our signature style, all aimed to stretch out those beginning years!

I tried to think of a Mommalie that was appropriate for this blog. The one below is usually said when your kids are misbehaving, but in this case, after having just spent a few days with these sweet young ladies, I mean this sincerely!

“I hope someday you have children just like you.”


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