We can't wear our swimsuits,

but we listen to those who do.

Kids speak the truth about what they want to wear. All we had to do was listen.

“Make them in crazy colors with lots of animals on them.” (Sure!) “I like jellyfish!” (We do too.) 

“Please make them soft and not itchy.” (Noted.) “Blue is my favorite color. Can you make a blue bathing suit?” 

(Of course. Do you like red also?) Once we heard what the kids had to say, it was easy to design suits that met all their needs.


We’re Renee and Samantha, an aunt/niece duo who are passionate about kids, fashion and fun.

Creating Kids These Days was all about dreaming big while designing small.

Nature inspired photography, mixed with bold, graphic patterns is the heart of our signature look

and exactly what our young customers asked for.


We listened to their parents also. “Please make them age appropriate and cover up what needs covering.” (We agree.) 

“We need bottoms to cover the swim diapers.” (Done.) “I wish I could find a bathing suit as cute as my kid!” (Impossible, but we’ll try.)

Kids These Days is on a mission to keep kids little, just a little longer.

After listening to many of you, there was one common underlying theme: “We’re not ready for them to grow up too fast.”


(Don’t worry. We hear you loud and clear.)

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